“Ambient01” – Lightroom Preset created by Agi Sibiga

Discover "Ambient01" Lightroom Preset

„Ambient01” is a unique Lightroom Preset that will give your photographs a unique, film-like touch and enhance them with a rich, cinematic atmosphere.
Drag to see the before-and-after.

What is a LIghtroom preset?

A Lightroom preset is a set of photography editing adjustments designed for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. These predefined edits change the appearance of a photo. It’s an easy to use shortcut to achieve a specific mood. In the case of ‘Ambient01’ preset – an analog, film-like look.

Why it's worth buying "Ambient01" Lightroom Preset?

For me as a professional, Lightroom preset, especially a well-developed like “Ambient01” is a great starting point for editing images. I use it for color grading most of my photographs. It saves me valuable time, ensures consistency, and provides a uniform look across all my work.

"After receiving hundreds of messages asking which preset I use for my photographs, I decided to share the 'Ambient01' Lightroom preset with a global audience".

Stunning before and after

I developed the “Ambient01” preset over a long period, testing it carefully. I know it offers unique settings that can provide stunning effects that many have fallen in love with. Thanks to the “Ambient01” preset, I was able to create an even dreamier atmosphere in this photograph.
Drag to see the before-and-after.

Quick Adjustments Guide

Sometimes a single click can work magic, but in many cases, further adjustments are needed. That’s why, along with the preset, I created a quick step-by-step adjustment guide to help you achieve optimal results.

Designed for Lightroom Desktop and Mobile Version

With the purchase you get “Ambient01” Preset file for Lightroom Classic (Desktop) and “Ambient01” Preset file for Lightroom Photo Editor (Moblie Lightroom App).
Some more of photographs edited with the “Ambient01” preset.

Cinematic touch

Unique, film-like settings that enrich images with a cinematic atmosphere.


“Ambient01” preset offers carefully tested edits that provide stunning effects many have fallen in love with.

Easy to use

Easy to apply in just a few clicks.


Saves loads of time and effort, especially when working on big projects.

Additional information

Once purchased you will receive a download link via email. Remember to check your spam and junk mail folders, just in case the email with your order ended up in there.

All items included in the purchase

After purchase, you’ll receive:
– Ambient01 Preset file for Lightroom Classic (.xmp file),
– Ambient01 Preset Lightroom Classic Installation Guide (.pdf file),
– Ambient01 Preset file for Lightroom Photo Editor – Moblie Lightroom App (.dng file),
– Ambient01 Preset Lightroom Photo Editor Installation Guide (.pdf file),
– How to fine-tune “Ambient01” preset? / Quick Step-by-step Guide (.pdf file).

About Me

My name is Agi Sibiga, and I am an independent photographer specializing in travel and architecture photography.
I tend to capture present moments that often go unnoticed by others; mostly just the way I find them. I see beauty in the mundane, I see beauty in the imperfection, and I see beauty in the ordinary.
To freeze an instant and keep it forever always seemed fascinating to me, but the real thing is to move someone, to ignite that person’s imagination.
It’s the greatest compliment I could have ever been given and the real goal of why I do what I do.