Postcards from Alicudi


A set of 4 reproductions of my photographs in the form of postcards. 105×148 mm, printed on 300 g/m2 matte paper, coated on one side.

Collection “Postcards from Alicudi” is a contemplation of time I spent on this exceptional, sicilian island.

“The island’s silence is impeccable. The sea is almost still, the waves are calm engulfing the mountain above with peace and serenity. The sun rising behind the nearby island of Filicudi adds to the unreal atmosphere. The milky, pink sky captures the imagination”. Read the full story.

Why postcards? Because they evoke the cherished memories of yesteryears, transporting us to simpler times filled with handwritten messages and heartfelt sentiments. The postcards found in stores today mostly resemble generic stock images, devoid of any meaningful sentiment. That’s why I decided to create my collection in the first place – to revive this tradition in my own way – with images to hang on the walls and contemplate.

The act of sending and receiving postcards is not just a gesture, but a journey through time, where every stamp and postmark tells a unique story.

I am grateful for every purchase, seeing it as both appreciation and support for my artwork. Thank you.

Important shipping note: Shipping is available to all European countries. Delivery typically takes 5 working days, but please note that it may be extended up to 21 working days due to the traditional postal method used for sending the postcards. Please treat it as a part of an old time experience.

You can buy three sets of postcards at once. If you would like to order more please contact:

Photographs taken by Agi Sibiga.

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