About Me

Agi Sibiga - Making the mundane exceptional

Today's world is thrilling, exciting, but also very distracting. That's why my goal as a photographer is to encourage the audience to take a breath and a pause for just a moment.

Photography allows me to communicate without words. I tend to capture present moments that often go unnoticed by others; mostly just the way I find them, but sometimes my wild imagination leads me to make them more special by adding some nuances, like some table setting, still life etc. In essence, adding touches of colour to the original view.

I see beauty in the mundane, I see beauty in the imperfection, and I see beauty in the ordinary. I can travel far and wide to capture a single location and then wait several hours to photograph it in the right light. It's the light that enhances the beauty of things and places. Some need a midday light; others require a cloudy day or a sunset. I love to wait for the ideal moment, to spend some quality time on the observation and then when the light is just as it should be, get the magical snapshot. The journey is just as captivating as the outcome.

There's always a story behind each and every photograph. Something happened a second before the click of the shutter or a minute afterwards, A photograph of a window represents so much more than the actual window – maybe a person was looking out of the window a few moments before or it will frame an important yet to happen event in the near future.

To find beauty in the unexpected, to freeze an instant and keep it forever, always seemed fascinating to me, but the real thing is to move someone, to ignite that person's imagination. It's the greatest compliment I could have ever been given and the real goal of why I do what I do.

- Agi Sibiga