Masseria Moroseta / Puglia, Italy

Each and every time I arrived at Masseria Moroseta I was greeted with great kindness, peace, endless greenery and calming architecture. The farmhouse nestled in a five-hectare olive grove with incredible views extending to the Adriatic Sea, is always a delight and a tranquil escape from everyday life.

Moroseta’s purist structure was built respecting traditional techniques and local materials, like the cement and the white stones. Modeled after ancient fortified farmhouse, masseria that is characteristic of the Puglian region, yet with a unique design element that is modern and incredibly pared down. All the details complement each other and fit into the surrounding landscape perfectly.

Masseria Moroseta was designed by Studio Andrew Trotter respecting the owner's vision, Carlo Lanzini, as he wanted a contemporary space that would integrate into the landscape naturally. Carlo himself, is a calm and friendly host, always close at hand. You can find him, along with Alessio, who helps running the business, working in the communal living space throughout the day. At the same time, their British bulldogs Angelina, Pablo and Beppe roam freely on the premises.

You can book your stay at Masseria Moroseta directly via the website. Thank you Carlo and Alessio for your invitation and opportunity to experience Puglia. It’s a blessing every time.