Alicudi / Isole Eolie, Sicily

The loneliest of the Aeolian islands: there are no streets, no traffic, just mules and steps that help walking around, but also serve as a means to measure distance from the harbour. For example, Casa Tre Archi where I stayed in is located at the 367th steps level. This house is typically Aeolian, enhancing the charm of the journey up to the 367th level; sublimely furnished, with a bathroom facing the sea.

It doesn’t matter what day it is; everything on the island of Alicudi is about doing what’s really important: wandering, admiring the views or sipping Donna Fugata. There are no fancy boutiques or restaurants, making the experience so special. Still, all essentials can be found in the harbour area.
The island’s silence is impeccable. The sea is almost still, the waves are calm engulfing the mountain above with peace and serenity. The sun rising behind the nearby island of Filicudi adds to the unreal atmosphere. The milky, pink sky captures the imagination.