Fattoria di Fontenovo / Umbria, Italy

In the centre of Italy lies Umbria, the country’s „green heart”. It's a picturesque, still unexplored region (at least not extensively), famous for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage and historic towns. Umbria offers a unique and tranquil escape for travellers seeking a more authentic Italian experience, and that’s what I was lucky to experience in the summer of 2023.

With a group of close friends we rented a family-owned villa, Fattoria di Fontenovo settled among breath-taking landscapes. We felt there like we were in the middle of nowhere, completely cut off from the world, while still being so close to the city: Perugia - that we could reach with only a 20 minutes drive.

If you would have asked me for a dreamy holiday recipe, my answer would have been the experience at Fattoria di Fontenovo: staying in a magical, movie-like villa, with a group of people that you like and appreciate, enjoying the nature, having time to relax and do nothing, to read, to swim, to cook, to dine together, yet with a possibility to go out, as the there are so many charming towns around. Although, trust me, it was very hard to leave, as the Fattoria offered us a world of discovery itself.