Palazzo Castelluccio / Noto, Sicily

Positioned along one of Noto’s most historic streets, the Via Cavour, Palazzo Castelluccio is another jewel in this picturesque area. The palace was built in 1782 for the Marquis di Lorenzo del Castelluccio, one of the last “leopards” of Sicily – wealthy aristocrats who flooded the island with luxury. What makes this interesting is that the building does not have the same baroque style that Noto represents; instead reflects the neoclassical taste popular in the late 18th century.

After Castelluccio’s death, the Order of Malta inherited the palace and kept it for some years. When the current owner took possession in 2011, the property was in terrible condition. Thanks to several restoration phases and the heart-felt work that Jean-Louis Remilleux put into it, the palace extends a magnificent welcome to its visitors and today stands as one of the finest testaments to Sicilian architecture and art.

Here is her crime: her beauty!” – Palazzo Castelluccio was used to depict the imaginary town of Castelcutò in Giuseppe Tornatore’s 2000 film “Malèna“.