“Pausa – Woman reading on a balcony”.

Admiring Venice from the perspective of its canals is always a unique experience : the “floating city” becomes more than a figment of the imagination as the buildings rise up from the water to greet you.
Picture the scene: July 2021 after having a traditional cicchetti at my Venetian friend’s bar we went together, as usual, for a little ride on his motoscafo. The old motorboat experience encapsulates the essence of Venice made all the more vivid and real by Giorgio’s warning calls as he crosses adjacent canals or goes under bridges.
After just few minutes, we reached the famous Canal Grande and passed Rio di San Polo, where I noticed a dark-haired, intriguing woman reading on a balcony. She seemed so peaceful in the hustle and bustle of Venetian daily life, caught up in her own world oblivious to the noises of the city. I was enchanted and right away reached for my camera. How exciting and thrilling to capture the magic of those ordinary moments that make them extraordinary and are at the centre of what I am always on the look out for.
This photograph is available as a print via Timothée Damas online gallery.