Femminamorta / Sicilia, Italy

Along the East coast of Sicily, somewhere between Pozzillo and Carruba, there’s a unique villa hidden among years-old lemon trees, banana and other fruit plants that create wonderful and pleasing scents.
Femminamorta is a place with a strong, powerful and vibrant energy coming from the „’A Muntagna”, which is a name Sicilians use to call Etna. It’s one of the most distinctive places I’ve ever visited and experienced and the place where I found the most beautiful shade of pink.
Renovated in the early 90’s thanks to the dedication and the love of the owners, it appears to be a timeless place immersed in the greenery, where nature guarantees comfort and peace of mind.
Today Femminamorta serves as a place of art, a place for meetings, concerts, and retreats, but also as a holiday villa for those who seek solace and who enjoy places off the beaten track.